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Kasavu Sari

India’s own Sari (Saree) had been reincarnated in different hues in various states of the country. It is assumed that the word Sari derived from the Prakrit word “sattika”.

Kasavu sari, the pure Kerala version of saree, is a single piece of white or ivory coloured cloth. Kasavu denotes the gold brocade border of the dress, and is a unique feature of dresses in Kerala.

The kasavus can either be plain lines or those with exquisite embroidery. Most of the Kasavu saris are hand woven.

Kasavu saris are also known as Neriyathu saris in common parlance. Balaramapuram handloom in Thiruvananthapuram and Chennamangalam handlooms in Ernakulam are famous for the beautiful Kasavu saris woven there.