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Commanding the jumbo

Hundreds of domesticated elephants are reared in Kerala. Here  elephants are tamed and reared under experienced mahouts.

Ancient treatises on elephant training like the Mathangaleela describe the mahout as a friend of sort to the animal. It requires high skill to gain command over a jumbo.

Short commands
At least two trained mahouts are required to control an animal. They use short commands to make the pachyderm walk, halt, lie down etc. However most of the commands are taught at the time of taming. Shown in the video is a mahout commanding the animal to lie on the ground.

Love for caretakers
As the title suggests the first mahout is the main one. He will be a senior person with much experience. Jumbos are said to have a special love towards their Onnam Paappan or first mahout.

Experienced mahouts never treat the animal badly. Real life incidents are there when the elephants carried their mahouts to safe places when they were injured by accidents.