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The large-eyed Slender Loris

Slender Loris is closely related to the family of Monkeys. It is seen in the forests of Southern India (Kerala) and Sri Lanka. They belong to the genus Loris in the Lorisidae family of Primates. The species is named scientifically as Loris Tardigradus. Loris Tardigradus Malabaricus is the species seen in Kerala and is called in the native tongue as 'Kuttithevangu'.

Slender Loris does not have a tail. Its lean body is covered with soft hair. The most notable thing in its face is the extra large sized eyes. Their thumbs are naturally opposable which help them to clutch the branches while climbing trees. It is nocturnal in nature. They spend their day time by sitting on trees and forage during night time. Their diet include mainly insects. But they eat fruits, leaves, flowers, reptiles, eggs, birds and small mammals too.

Slender Loris has an average length between 18 to 26 centimetres. It normally weighs between 102 grams to 285 grams. It lives in the rain forests, scrub forests and swamps.