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Camouflaged Sri Lankan Frogmouths or Batrochostomus Moniliger

India is one of the top ranked countries in the case of bird diversity. Our country has about 1300 species of birds out of the total 9700 seen all over the world. Of these 1300, 142 are endemic to our country. Kerala, one of the smallest of the Indian states, has about 500 species of which 16 are endemic to Western Ghats. All these 16 endemics can be seen in the forests of kerala. Also in the matter of colour, variety and beauty some of our birds are the most exquisite found anywhere.

The frogmouth is a kind of nocturnal bird that gets the name from its frog like flattened hooked bills and the peculiar gaze in amazement. Sri Lankan frogmouths are seen in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India and in Sri Lanka. They feed on insects during night time.

Sri Lankan frogmouths or Batrochostomus Moniliger are from the Podargidae family under Caprimulgiformes order of the class Aves. Though they are not rare in India, it is very difficult for bird watchers to locate a Sri Lankan frogmouth. Because, they employ the natural method of protective coloration. During daytime it sits motionless inside foliage and the plumage that merges so perfectly with the surrounding makes it almost impossible to spot the bird.

Spectators may mistake it for some broken tree branch even when they chance to see one. Undoubtedly this bird can be considered as a real master of camouflage.