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Forest Eagle Owl or Bubo nipalensis

A total number of 500 varieties of birds, of which 16 are endemic, add to the diversity of the fauna of Kerala. Almost all these birds can be seen in the western Ghats region of the state.

Forest Eagle Owl or Spot Bellied Eagle owl (Bubo nipalensis) is one of the largest owls in India seen in forest areas. It is noted for its deep, far reaching hoot which resembles the wail of a distressed woman. Hence in some parts of the world, it is called the Demon Bird.

Forest Eagle Owls are nocturnal. They spend their days hiding in the foliages of dense forests. Its favourite preys are hares, young barking deers, jungle fowls, snakes etc.

In the state, they are mostly found in the forest region in Wayanad. Thattekkad bird sanctuary in Ernakulam, which was founded in 1983 on the initiative taken by Dr. Salim Ali, renowned ornithologist, is another place to watch these birds.