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Grey Headed Flycatcher or Culicicapa ceylonensis

The small southern state of Kerala is not that much small when it comes to its bio diversity. The state has 500 species of birds of which 18 are endemic to the region.

Grey Headed Flycatcher (Culicicapa ceylonensis) is a cute little bird that comes under the canary group. The 13 centimetres long adult bird has a grey head and breast, green upperparts and bright yellow underparts.

These birds visit the Western Ghats as winter migrants from the Himalayan region. They prefer to live in hill forests and other wooded areas. They are also known as Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher. They are most often found in the company of other birds.

As their name indicates, these birds mainly feed on flies, bees and wasps. Their feeding habits are curious. They normally occupy a perch, hunt for insects and return to the same perch.

Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Pakistan some other regions where these birds are found.