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Fivebar Swordtail or Pathysa antiphates

Seen in the video is Fivebar Swordtail (Pathysa antiphates) butterfly found in wet forest areas. Swordtails are known for their long, slender and tapering tail in the hind wing.

The species is creamy white above, with a series of black transverse stripes in the costal area of the forewing. On the underside, the basal half of the hind wing is green, with black stripes and spots that give the name “Fivebar”. The butterfly has a wingspan of 40 - 45 mm.

Fivebar Swordtails are fast flying and furious. In their flight, tails are not seen. They fly close to the ground and can often be seen on riverbanks. Malaysia and Singapore also host Fivebar swordtails.