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Plain Tiger or Danaus chrysippus

Plain Tiger (Danaus chrysippus) is one of the most common butterflies in India. Also known as the African Monarch, the Lesser Wanderer and the AK butterfly, it is the strongest flyer of the Danaus genus.

The upper side of Plain Tiger is reddish brown with black borders on both wings The forewings have a black apex and many white spots. The hind wings have four small black spots around the cell in males and three in female.

The underside is dull orange. The forewings are dark brown in the upper half with white spots in the black area and hind wings have six black spots. Wingspan is 70-80mm.

Plain Tigers can be seen in almost all parts of the country including deserts and hills up to 3000m. They fly in a wavy pattern and generally remain on wing for a long period. They visit flowers of Lantana, Fiddle-leaved Jatropha, Ceylon Carissa, Common Zinnia, Celosia pyramidalis, Aztec Marigold, Sunflower, Bachelor’s Button, Pink Cocks’ comb, Sweet Sultan, Floss flower, Radish, and the like.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, south-eastern Europe, Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, Fiji are some other places where Plain Tigers are found.