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White Orange Tip or Ixias Marianne

Kerala is home to 330 varieties of butterflies. Of these, 37 are endemic to the region and the rest are migratory in nature.

White Orange Tip (Ixias Marianne) is a butterfly found in the dry areas of Kerala. They are found both in open plains and in the scrub jungles of foothills. Ill kept agricultural land and mixed deciduous forests are also the habitats of these butterflies.

The upper side of White Orange Tip is white. In males, the forewings have a grey base and a large, broad, orange patch. Hind wings have a broad black terminal border. In females, the forewings are with a black base and a narrow orange patch containing four black spots. Both wings have a large black-white centred disco-cellular spot and a broad purple-brown band composed of conical, white pointed spots. The wingspan is 50-55mm.

White Orange Tips are sun loving, and fly rapidly close to the ground. They are also fond of mud puddling.