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Chattayum mundum with kavani - the traditional attire of Syrian Christian women

Chattayum Mundum is the traditional attire of Syrian Christian women in Kerala. Chatta is half or full sleeved white blouse that reaches the waist. It is worn with a white mundu, or dhoti with a length of seven yards and breadth of 1 1/4 yards.

The mundu is frilled in the back in such a way that it forms a fan like appendage. The number of frills and fringes add to the charm of this formation.

When they go out, women throw over their shoulders and bosom another white piece of cloth called ‘Kavani’. The women took great effort to beautify the Kavani with embroidery works. The Kavani is often pinned to the blouse on the left front using a brooch.

This dress is still worn by middle-aged women of the Syrian Christian community in areas like Ernakulam and Kottayam.