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Kerala Sari

India’s own Sari (Saree) had been reincarnated in different hues in various states of the country. It is assumed that the word Sari is derived from the Prakrit word “sattika”.

When it reached Kerala, the sari attained a kind of simplicity. Instead of ones with elaborate designs, Kerala saris are elegant and simple. They are either white or ivory coloured with a coloured or golden border.

Most of these saris are of pure cotton and hand woven. Thus, they are related to the cultural and economic ambience of Kerala to a large extent. Such hand-made clothing has played a great role in shaping out a healthy village economy.

When it comes to the aesthetic aspect, the simple Kerala saris represent the elegant tradition of Kerala.

Balaramapuram handlooms in Thiruvananthapuram and Chennamangalam handlooms in Ernakulam are famous for the beautiful saris woven there.

Model for the video, Miss. Archana and she wons the title Miss. Kerala 2009 held at Kochi in Kerala.