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Bridal make-up in Hindu marriage

Keralites have a strong sense of beauty and they are eager to express it on any suitable occasion. What about a marriage, then, which is one of the most colourful events in an individual’s life?

For a girl, getting transformed into a bride is one of the most memorable experiences in her life and it is made sure that her costume for the occasion is as colourful and elegant as possible. In traditional Hindu marriages, there is a special make up style for brides, which consists of gold ornaments, jasmine flower and a glowing silk saree.

Sticking to age-old traditions is one of the most important characteristics of Hindu marriages in India. May it be rituals, recitation of holy verses or the costumes and make up, tradition is well safeguarded.

Marriages in Kerala are, however, simpler when it comes to rituals and ceremonies, except for those of the Brahmin community. The ceremonies and trends in marriage have regional variations in the state.