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Handloom weaving at Balaramapuram

Balaramapuram is a small village situated in Thiruvananthapuram (former Trivandrum) district of Kerala, the south-western state of India. This beautiful village is known for its tradition of handloom weaving. Here the weavers use traditional throw-shuttle pit looms.

Eco-friendly clothings
The Kasavu saris (sarees) and mundus produced here are high quality eco-friendly clothings. The traditional Kasavu saris (sarees) of Kerala are elegant statements in off-white with golden borders. The Sari (Saree) and Mundu are esssentially worn on auspicious occasions.

The village's history of weaving dates back to the era of princely rule in the region. It is belived that during the regime of King Balarama Varma (1798 to 1810) that handloom weaving was introduced in Balaramapuram. The weavers belong to the Shaliya community and are believed to have migrated to this region from the nearby state of Tamil Nadu.

Handloom Village Project
As part of its Responsible Tourism efforts, the state Department of Tourism has recently launched a 'handloom village' project here.