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Honouring Guruvayoor Padmanabhan

This video presents the well-known elephant of Kerala, Guruvayoor Padmanabhan who was brought to Changanacherry for the annual festival in Sri Subramanya Swami Temple at Perunna.

Guruvayoor Padmanabhan is a popular elephant who is carrying the golden idol of Lord Guruvayoorappa during the temple processions 'Ekadasi Vilakku'and 'Arattu Ezhunnallippu' since 1962. During the festive occasions he will be the center of attraction as he carries the thidambu (replica of the main idol).

People strongly believe that he was blessed by Lord Guruvayoorappa and is considered as the re-birth of Airavatha, King Indra’s elephant. You can see the priest honouring the legendary elephant at the temple.