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Vavar Mosque, Erumeli

Sabarimala is a popular pilgrim centre famous for its temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. Situated in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, it is one of the best known pilgrim centres in South India. Featured in this video is the mosque dedicated to Vavar, a trusted companion of Lord Ayyappa. The mosque is situated in Erumeli, a small town in Kottayam district of Kerala.

There are many legends associated with the relationship between Vavar and Lord Ayyappa. It is believed that Vavar was a pirate, who reached Kerala to loot. During a battle with Lord Ayyappa, he was defeated and eventually they became friends.

Whatever be the religion, pilgrims coming to Sabarimala through Erumeli never miss visiting Vavar Palli (palli means mosque) to offer their prayers.