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Beemapalli Uroos festival

The Beemapalli mosque is an important Muslim pilgrim centre located at Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala, India.

There is a Dargah Shareef (mausoleum) of Syedunnisa Beemabeevi, affectionately called Bee Umma and her son. Bee Umma and her son who belonged to the family of Prophet Mohammed are believed to have come here from Arabia centuries ago, to preach Islam. She was a pious Muslim lady who had extraordinary powers.

The annual ten-day festival called Beemapalli Uroos is held in memory of Syedunnisa Beemabeevi and her son Syedushuhadamaheen Abubacker.

Chandanakkudam marks the most important part of Uroos. As part of this, devotees make an offering of coins in earthern pots (kudams) which are smeared with sandal wood (Chandanam) paste. 

Special prayers, ceremonial procession, Ratheeb and religious discourses are held. Cultural programmes in the evenings too add to the charm of festivities.