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Jama Palli, a 14th-century mosque at Kozhikode

The spread of Islam in Kerala was mainly through the Arab traders who reached the Malabar coast. From the 7th century onwards the religion attained deep roots in the cultural history of the state. Many mosques of the northern parts of Kerala are centuries old.

The famous Jama palli in Kozhikode dates back to the 14th century. This single storied Muslim shrine can accommodate around 1000 worshippers at a time and has the largest floor area among the mosques of Kerala.

The intricate wood carvings on the ceilings inside the mosque resemble the ancient temple architectural style of Kerala. The wooden walls and ceilings of the inside of the mosque are carved with verses from sacred Arabic texts.

Situated at Kuttichira, the Kozhikode Jum-a Masjid (Jama Palli, as it is called locally) is neighboured by the Mishkal mosque and Muchundipalli, two other ancient mosques of the district.