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Mohiniyattam Necklace

Like in all other classical dances of India ornaments have their own significance in determining and maintaining the tradition. Some of these ornaments are earrings – like kadukkan, kodakadukkan and thoda, mattal – a chain attached to the ear rings; kaichuttipathakkam – a necklace with a pendent; mookkuthi - nose ring; kaasumala – a long necklace; short necklaces like poothali, illakkathali, nagapadathali, mullamottumala etc; bangles like kadakam, valayam; waist belts like oddidyanam, elas and kingini; rings on fingers and anklets of different designs.

Featured in this video is the Mohiniyattam necklace that adds to the grace and charm of the artist. Mohiniyattam, one of the eight classical dance forms of India is also the youngest among them. The dance form has its origin in the State of Kerala.