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Narayan Gangaram Surve - Marathi poet

Narayan Gangaram Surve (15th October 1929 - 16th August 2010) was a Marathi poet . He was a capable, distinguished poet who grew up in the streets of Mumbai and began his life as a mill worker.

Gangaram Surve and his writings are influenced by Marxism. Through his poems he vociferously proclaimed social revolution. He has created a unique style of poem writing using the colloquial language of workers using a conversational prose-like style.

Majhe Widyapith, Jahirnama and Aisa Ga Mi Brahma are his major poems. He has been awarded with Padma Shri in 1998 for his excellence in Literature and education.

Courtesy: ‘Poet of the Proletariat Narayan Surve', Movie directed by Mr. Dilip Chitre & Mr. Viju Chitre for Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.

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