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Vijay Tendulkar, Marathi writer

Vijay Tendulkar (7th January 1928 – 19th May 2008) was one of the most influential theatre playwright, essayist and movie and television writers in Marathi literature. He has been considered as the most influential and innovative dramatist for past five decades in Marathi theatre. One can see real-life incidents, violence in human relationships and social upheavals as main themes in his plays. Women are the protagonists of his plays.

Gruhastha (Householder), Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe (Silence! The Court is in Session), Sakharam Binder (Sakhārām, the Book-Binder), Jāt Hi Poochho Sādhu Ki (Ask a Fakir's Lineage), Mee Jinkalo Mee Haralo (I won, I Lost), Mājhi Bahin (My Sister) and His Fifth Woman are his most celebrated plays in Marathi and English.

He has received Padma Bhushan in 1984, Filmfare Best Story Award for Aakrosh in 1981 and Filmfare Best Screenplay Award fro Ardh Satya in 1983.

Courtesy: ‘Vijay Tendulkar’, Movie directed by Mr. Yakub Sayeed for Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.

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