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Chathurbhuja temple at Khajuraho

Khajuraho, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, is known for its ornate temples. The Chandella rulers who ruled the state between 900 AD and 1130 had built these temples. Though originally they were 85 in number, now 25 of them only remain.

Chathurbhuja temple belongs to the Southern Group of temples at Khajuraho. This temple, which presumably dates back to the 1100th Century AD, is situated about 3 kms south of Khajuraho.

This is a modest temple and consists of a sanctum carrying a simple sikhara (spire), a vestibule, a mandapa (large hall), and porch.

Chathurbhuja is the only local temple, which doesn’t have erotic sculptures. There are three bands of sculptures in the temple, however, only those of the Vidyadharas (celestial beings) are more lively and expressive. Most of the other sculptures are stereotypes.

The sanctum sanctorum has the large image of Lord Vishnu. This 2.7 metre high, four-armed image is remarkable for its expression of transcendental bliss and calm.