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Cracked Sculptures at Adinatha Temple, Khajuraho

The name Khajuraho itself symbolises the elegant artistic history of India. The eighty-five temples here, of which only twenty-five surviving now, are ornate with sculptures of amazing styles and variety. The architecture is in such a way that even a single inch is not left without having a sculpture on it.

Adinatha temple, devoted to Jina Adinatha, is a Jaina temple. The temple has three bands of elegant sculptures including the Sura Sundaris (heavenly beauties). The principal niches of the other facades contain images of Jaina Yakshis (fairies). The roof of the vestibule of the temple, too, is remarkable for its elegant design and decoration.

Apart from this, one may see many cracked sculptures in the surroundings of the temple. Even though they have lost their perfect charm, they never cease to fascinate us with their antiquity.