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Betwa River

It is a river that flowed through one of the most historically sensitive spots of India. Betwa or Vetravati river which flows through Madhya Pradesh has gone through eras of peace, war, love and hatred.

Betwa is a tributary of river Yamuna and originates from the Vindhya ranges. Flowing through Madhya Pradesh, it joins Yamuna at Hamirpur town.Also known as Shuktimati, the river has found mention in the ancient epics like Mahabharata. The capital of the Chedi kingdom had also been located on the shores of this river.

However, the river is more remarkable for having on its shores the quaint little town of Orchha, famed for its architectural marvels and monuments. Orchha was founded in the 16th century by king Rudra Pratap of the Bundela dynasty.

Jehangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, Raj Praveen Mahal and Phool Bagh gardens are some of the attractions in Orchha, lying near to Betwa river.