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The Asiatic Society in Mumbai

The Asiatic society of Mumbai (Bombay) is situated at the Town Hall in Maharashtra state in India. It was founded by James Mackintosh in November 26, 1804. It was then called Literary Society of Bombay.

Later on it merged with the Royal Society of Great Britain and Ireland as its Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (BBRAS). In1830 it moved into the Town Hall building.

The collections from Medical and Literary Library has been purchased by this society to form a full-fledged library. Today this library has a wide collection of books from all over the world. This library includes daily newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts and various articles.

To keep all the books in good condition is the major task of this society. For that they are now planning to put all these books into CDROMs. Certain organizations like the Mumbai Port Trust have come forward to finance the conservation of these books and manuscripts.