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Nana Nani Park in Mumbai

Nana Nani Park in South Mumbai (Bombay) is located near the Girgaum chowpatty. It is under a public charity trust. This park has been designed exclusively for senior citizens. It was inaugurated on January 26, 1998.

Various activities including yoga class, meditation and laughing sessions are the major attractions for senior citizens who are members of this park. Improving quality of life of senior citizens is the main aim of this foundation.

Medical checkups on regular basis are another important activity in this park. People who come here get tea every morning along with newspapers. Group discussions on various subjects are arranged for them. Moreover cultural programmes oraganized by artists in Maharashtra are also screened in this park.

The financial source for this foundation is mainly by donation from various good samaritans across the world. It is a different and envigorating experience for senior citizens, who visit this park.