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Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai

Nehru Science Centre in Mumbai (Bombay) is one of the largest science centres in India. Formerly it was known as Science and Technology museum. Later on in 1977, it took the present final shape.

In 1985, November 11, the full fledged science centre was opened to the public by the late Shri Rajiv Gandhi. It acts as the headquarters of western region with five science centers in Nagpur, Calicut, Bhopal, Dharmapuri and Goa. Nehru Science Centre is one of five National level science museums. It conducts science education programs on a regular basis.

High quality science exhibitions are conducted here with the support of efficient infrastructure and manpower to design and develop everything. The parent body of Nehru Science Centre is National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) which has 29 science centers all over the country.

Every year around 600,000 people visit the museum to experience the brilliance of science and technology. The centre occupies an area of 14 acres. The main aim of this institution is to spread and to promote scientific literacy.