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The rhythm of Punjabi folk songs

The folk songs of Punjab are essentially connected with the agrarian life of the state. They are closely related to the inner rhythm of the day-to-day activities of the village folk. They are primarily vocal in character and are accompanied by musical instruments, like the Dholak. The songs are flexible, simple and throbbing.

Mahiya, Dhola and Boli are the three kinds of folk tunes popular in Punjab. Mahiya expresses deep emotions in a speedy rhythm. Dhola is more sentimental in nature and deals with the themes of love and beauty. Boli is the most popular tune and it accompanies the famous Bhangra and Giddha dances of Punjab.

This vibrant piece of music from Punjab is presented at Surajkund Crafts Mela, a fair organized by Haryana Tourism to promote the handloom and handicraft tradition of India. The Mela also arranges venues for the performance of the folk dances and songs from all over the country.