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Weaving of Naga shawl, Nagaland

Nagaland is a beautiful north-eastern hill state of India, which is famous for its handloom and tribal culture.

The Nagas prefer loin-loom weaving. And the video you are watching features the working mode of a simple Naga loom. This type of look is strapped to the back of the weaver, the end of which is tied to a bamboo stake or a peg on the wall. The weaver uses simple bamboo container for keeping the bobbin. Polished bamboo sticks are used for separating the warp threads. The bamboo needles carry extra wefts by which the design is weaved.

Weaving in Nagaland, unlike other parts of India is the monopoly of women. Naga shawls are mainly cotton, which is cultivated widely in the villages of northeastern states in India. Each tribe uses different colours and motifs according to their clan traditions.

The people of Nagaland belong to the Mongoloid stock and the state is inhabited by several major and minor tribes.