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Marriage rituals, Orissa

This video presents the rituals performed during the wedding ceremony in Orissa state of India. It is performed after the Kanyadaan (tying the bride’s hand to groom’s hand by the bride’s parents).

The brother mainly gives puffed rice or lava to put in the sacred fire and then the bride and the groom take rounds around the fire. It is called seven pheras or vows. Mostly the groom promises to keep the bride happy, take care of her through life, and provide food, shelter and all the basics in life.

The 7th promise is where the bride promises that if ever any difficulty in life comes, she would be first to bear the brunt of it.

After the vows are over the groom holds bride’s feet and make her kick the money and the rice. This symbolizes that now she is a part of his life and she would be the first priority for him rather than money or anything else.