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Paintings of K. G. Subramanyan

K. G. Subramanyan, one of the most celebrated contemporary Indian painter who was born in 1924 in north Kerala. His paintings are a rich and bristling surface of painterly marks and animal motifs.

Almost all paintings are noted for their inherent wit, ironies, satire and critical social commentaries. One of the major innovations of his in the field of Indian painting was the blend of several mediums earlier used in Indian art, such as the terracotta mural and glass painting which found a new lease of life.

Shown in the video is a collection of his paintings such as the famous Fairytales of Puravapalli-IV (1986), Black Boys Fight with Demons (1986), Girl with Cats (1987), Bathers (1971) - a Terracotta work, Bowl of Fruits and Blind Mother (1980) and Terrace-II (1976).