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Dhaba in Rajasthan

Roadside restaurants, popularly known as dhabas are the best choice for travellers and local people to taste mouthwatering local cuisines of the place. Mostly set in open air, these dhabas serve as 24 hour restaurants and a resting place for travellers and truck drivers. Dhaba culture in India can be found in every part, especially in central and northern parts.

In India these local restaurants have come to represent a culture that is centered on food. The food served in dhabas are typically inexpensive and has a homemade feel.
Some of the popular mouthwatering local cuisines served in dhabas include dal fry, parathas, paneer butter masala, pani puri, jalebis and other tasty sweet dishes.

Featured in this video is a Dhaba in the state of Rajasthan in India. Pani ke bataashe (Pani Puri), samosa , jalebis and other snacks are the local delicacies served here.