Medicinal oil for hair growth

One of the easiest beauty solutions from India for hair growth is as follows : 


  • Eclipta
  • Water
  • Sesame oil / coconut oil

Method of preparation

Eclipta oil is famous for its hair rejuvenating property. In order to make a litre of this oil, first take the same quantity of coconut or sesame oil. To it, add four litres of eclipta extract obtained by crushing it with water. Now boil the mixture over a slow flame. After the liquid has boiled once and the froth has subsided, wait for it to boil again. Once the water content has boiled away, remove from the flame. Cool and strain. With the second boiling, all the medicinal goodness of the eclipta should have mixed with the oil. Then your medicated oil is ready. 

Method of application

Apply on the hair and scalp for every hair wash for a long period.