Pichu and Shirovasti are treatment of ayurveda, theoretically the same except for the modes of application which vary. Both treatments are for ailments affecting the regions above the neck, especially due to disrupted Vata Dosha. Pichu is also used to treat some disorders of the cranial nerves. The patient should sit with head upright or lie down, face up, comfortably. To begin with, oil is applied to the crown and a headband (Varti) tied just above the ear level. A piece of cloth about nine inches square, folded to palm size and known as the Pichu is then dipped in the prescribed herbal oil and placed gently on the patients crown.

As it is essential to keep the Pichu drenched in oil throughout the treatment time, oil should be dripped onto it periodically. If not restricted by the physician, the patient may have a bath after a session of Pichu.