Surya Namaskar

There is a vast reserve of vital energy, which remains dormant within the human body and psyche. This energy needs to be awakened, revitalized and utilized to achieve self-realization.

The Sun known as Surya is the primal and eternal source of energy. Surya namaskar or obeisance to the sun is an important yoga exercise for health comprising of ten yogic asanas performed in a sequence of body movements. Performed preferably early in the morning Surya namaskar generates good health and creates equilibrium of mind through the proper utilization of cosmic energy. Those performing Surya namaskar undoubtedly experience the flow of vital energy on the physical and psychical planes and better health conditions.

1.First position

2.Second position

3.Third position

4.Fourth position

5.Fifth position

6.Sixth position

7.Seventh position

8.Eighth position

9.Ninth Position

10.Tenth position

11.Eleventh position

12.Twelfth position