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Speech by Sugathakumari in Cotton Hill School, Thiruvananthapuram

This video shows the speech delivered by the well-known poet and activist Smt. Sugathakumari at a function organized by the COTSA (Cotton Hill Old Teachers' and Students' Association).

Sugathakumari is a renowned personality and she is engaged with many socially committed activities. She formed Abhayagramam, a shelter for poor women and a day care centre for the mentally challenged people. She was also the former chairperson of the Kerala State Women's Commission. Mutthuchippi, Pathirappookkal, Paavam Maanavahridayam, Irul Chirakukal and Raathrimazha are some of the famous literary works of Smt. Sugathakumari.

Smt. Sugathakumari shared some sweet memories from her alma mater days with the audience. Many people who were once the part of this educational institution attended the prestigious function. Cotton Hill is the largest girls’ school in Asia.