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Devdas - 1935

Produced by “New Theatres” Calcutta under the direction of P. C. BARUA. Starring K. L. Saigal, Jamuna, K. C. Dey. Music by Timir Baran.

Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel which was filmed several times in Indian languages.

One of the best version in Hindi with all time hit songs sung by the hero K. L. Saigal. K. C. Dey also sang hits in the film.

It is said that the song – “sukh ke, dukh ke…” by K. L. Saigal was added to the film after its release and the sad song became a super hit.

Unlike other versions of the story – Bimal Roy’s Devdas and Vedantam Raghavaiah’s classic Tamil, Telugu version, Chandramukhi is not projected much in the K. L. Saigal film.