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Janu Sirshasana (The Head to knee pose) - Male

Sit on the floor with legs stretched out straight in front. Bend the left knee and place it in such a way that the outer side of the left thigh and the calf touch the floor firmly. See that the left heel is pressed softly against the inner side of the right thigh. Now reach out and grasp the toe of the extended right leg with both hands.

Hold the head high. The next step is to exhale and bend the trunk forward at the hips until your forehead touches your right knee.

Remain in this position for a few seconds or one minute. Breathe deeply. Now release the handhold on the right toe and straighten your body to the earlier position.

Repeat the action with the other leg and hold the position for the same duration.

Benefits: Tones liver and spleen. Improves digestion.

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