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Yogamudrasana (The Posture with yoga symbol) - Male

Sit in Padmasana. Inhale deeply and then with exhalation swing your left arm behind and bring it around the right hip. Grasp the left big toe with this hand.

Inhale deeply and exhale. Then swing your right arm behind and bring it around the left hip to grasp the right big toe.
Throw the head as far back as possible and breathe deeply. This pose is called Baddha Padmasana.

Bring the head back to the normal position. Make a deep inhalation. Exhale and bend your trunk forward and touch the floor with your forehead. This asana is called Yogamudrasana. Raise your head up and repeat the process to the right side to touch the right knee.
Repeat the same on the left side also.

Benefits: Increases flexibility of the backbone. Muscles in the abdomen get strengthened.

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