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Ayyappan Theeyattu Part 1

Ayyappan Theeyattu is a thousand year old ritual performed in the temples of Sasthavu (the primeval concept of Lord Ayyappan). It is popular especially in the northern parts of Kerala. Ayyappan Theeyattu starts with Kalamezhuthu or the drawing of the god on the ground by using specially prepared coloured powder.

The drawing or Kalam mostly takes various forms of Lord Ayyappa. After preparing the Kalam, ceremonial offerings are made followed by songs and this is known as Kalam Pooja. Another important attraction is Koothu where the Theeyadi or the person who enacts as Nandikeswaran, the commander of Lord Shiva’s array of bhoothas and explains to Lord Ayyappan about his incarnation.

In the last session of the play Lord Shiva desires to see Mohini, the enchantress and the female incarnation of Lord Vishnu who secured Amrit (the immortal nectar) from Asuras or the demons.