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Kalyanasougandhikam in Kathakali Part 1

Kathakali is a traditional dance drama which originated in the 17th century in Kerala state of India. Kathakali literally means “story dance” and this art form is noted for its elaborate makeup and costumes. Kerala, being a favourite destination of tourists is well-known by Kathakali as it has become the icon of the state.

The rendition of the play is through hand gestures and with body movements. The combination of music and dance in Kathakali performance takes you to another world.

Kalyanasougandhikam, a citation from Kathakali dance drama is shown in this video. Bhima, the son of wind god sets out in search of Kalyanasougandhikam, a rare flower as requested by his wife Panchali. It is the main theme of the play.

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