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Garuda Garva Bhangam, a bit from Ottan Thullal

Ottan Thullal is a 300 year old performing art which originated in Kerala, god’s own country. Kalakkathu Kunchan Nambiar, a well-known poet in the 17th century invented Ottan Thullal. The main theme of Thullal is social criticism along with humor as the backdrop.

In this video you can see Garuda Garva Bhangam, an excerpt from Ottan Thullal. This excerpt describes Garuda (eagle, the king of birds), at the command of his master Lord Krishna going to bring Hanuman, the devotee of Lord Rama. Lord Krishna actually wants to vanquish Garuda’s pride. Knowing Lord Krishna’s intention Hanuman refuses to go with Garuda.

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