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Garuda Garva Bhangam, a bit in Ottan Thullal

This video shows Garuda Garva Bhangam (the vanquishing of Garuda’s pride) performed by Kalamandalam Geethanandan, a renowned artiste in Ottan Thullal. Ottan Thullal, a 300 year old art form in Kerala has a prominent place in the history and tradition of the state. It is a blend of dance, music, acting and humorous narration.

The play describes Lord Krishna commanding his carrier Garuda (eagle, the king of birds) to bring Hanuman (the monkey god). It is the plan of Lord Krishna to temper the pride of Garuda. Hanuman, the devotee of Lord Rama knows the intention of Krishna and refuses to go with Garuda and abuses Lord Krishna.

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