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Fish Surka Masala - a Malabari Seafood dish

Fish Surka Masala, one of the spicy Malabari seafood dishes, famous for its different combination. Shown here is the recipe and preparation video of the Kerala’s Malabar Cuisine – Fish Surka Masala.


Red chilli powder – 4 tsp
Coriander powder – ½ tsp
Turmeric powder – ½ tsp
Salt - to taste
Mustard – 1 tsp
Fenugreek – 1 tsp
Shallots – 150 g
Garlic – 3 tsp
Ginger - 3 tsp
Curry leaves – 2 pinches
Green chilli (split) – 4 nos
Coconut oil – 4 tsp
Thengin surka
Fish - 500 g (sear fish)

How to prepare the Fish Surka Masala?

First you need to make the marinade. Take some salt in a bowl and into it add turmeric and red chilli powder and adequate amount of water and mix the ingredients well. You may now marinate the fish. Add salt to taste.

Take two separate pans and heat some oil in each. Leave the first pan in flame for heating. In the second pan, add some mustard, followed by fenugreek and stir. Next add garlic, ginger, split green chillies, curry leaves and saute well. Next, add some shallots and into it add powders of turmeric, coriander powder and red chilli. Stir well. Next add the thengin surka and salt to taste. And pour some water and stir well.

It is now time for you to deep fry the marinated fish pieces in the first pan. Then take out the fried pieces of fish and add it to the thick gravy in the pan. Sprinkle some more salt and a bit of thengin surka. Stir gently.

And the Fish Surka Masala is ready to serve…

Mr. Majo C Chirappuram
Executive Chef
Vythiri Resort, Wayanad