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Ashtami Rohini at Guruvayoor Temple

The place Guruvayoor or Guruvayur in the Thrissur or Trichur district of Kerala is well known for the tempe dedicated to Lord Krishna, one of the most important pilgrim centers in South India.

It is believed that the temple was created by the two Gods viz. Guru, the teacher and Vayu, the God of the wind.

Ashtami Rohini or Ashtamirohini is the festival celebrated to mark the birthday of Lord Krishna and it is held in the month of Chingam, according to the Malayalam calendar (August-September).

There are grand celebrations in and around the temple premises, on this auspicious day. The most distinguished festivities celebrated are the Ezhunnallippu and the colorful Uriyadi procession.

Ezhunnallippu is a ritualistic procession glorified with decked up elephants and traditional drum ensembles. Uriyadi is an entertainment event closer to Lord Krishna’s adolescent life. Hundreds of young children dressed as Lord Krishna try to break a hanging pot full of curd, to replicate the events that were a part of Lord Shree Krishna’s young days.

Appam (delicious sweet cake) and Payasam (sweet dessert) are special offerings to the Lord during the festival.

Thousands of devotees gather here every year to enjoy the beauty of the festivities and to participate in the Prasadamoottu, the ritualistic mass feast. They do not leave the temple without glimpsing the captivating beauty of the temple at night.