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Bharatanatyam Arappatta or Oddiyanam

Bharatanatyam, the renowned south Indian classical dance form, is noted for its graceful movements and poignant expressions. The grace and elegance of this magnificent art form is augmented by the beauty and variety of the jewelry or jewellery worn by the artists. The distinctiveness of the ornaments maintains the tradition of this wonderful art form.

Shown in this video is Oddiyanam, a magnificent piece of ornament in gold worn by the Bharatanatyam dancer around the waist. In Malayalam this broad ornament worn around the waist is usually referred to as arappatta. The centre piece of the ornament often features a goddess or some abstract image. The centre-piece is also encrusted with diamonds and rubies in some cases. Oddiyanam is worn to hold the sari up and provides a slimmer waist appearance.