Ashtanga Yoga

Ashta in Sanskrit means eight and anga means limb. Ashtanga Yoga, the eight-fold path of yoga, to be followed to reach the highest state of self-realization, has been divided into three sections.

I. Yoga Charya (Yoga Ethics)
1. Yama: Abstinence / restraints on behaviour.
2. Niyama: Spiritual observances.

II. Bahiranga Yoga (External Yoga)
3. Asana: Posture.
4. Pranayama: Control of breath / expansion of vital energy through control of breath.
5. Pratyahara: Withdrawal of the senses from their objects.

III. Antharanga Yoga (Internal Yoga)
6. Dharana: Concentration / fixed attention.
7. Dhyana: Meditation.
8. Samadhi: Absorption.