Dhanyamla Dhara

An infusion prepared from some cereals (Dhanya) and vinegar (Amla) obtained from citrus fruits is called Dhanyamla.  Navara rice, horse gram, millet, sliced citrus fruits and dried ginger are bundled separately in pieces of linen and then immersed in a large pot of water. The water is then boiled for a specific period during which the extracts from the bundles leach into the pot to make a vinegar. Dhara therapy with this liquid is called Dhanyamladhara. As in any other Dhara, this liquid too is poured in a continual stream over the patients body. Dhanyamladhara is very effective for diseases or health problems caused by Vata Dosha.

For a seven-day course of treatment each days requirement of vinegar is taken out and the pot refilled with the same quantity of water. Boiling continues round the clock for all seven days.

Application of Dhara on the arm, while lying sideways-