Podikkizhi is another method of therapeutic sweating followed in Ayurveda. In this the body is fomented thoroughly with linen bundles (Kizhis) containing drugs in powdered form. Horsegram, blackgram, sesame seeds and other curative ingredients are powdered and tied up in the bundles. Occasionally, scrapings of coconut are also included. As moderate heat is required to make the body sweat, the Kizhis have to be warmed up by heating them in a pan smeared with castor or neem oil. The oil prevents the Kizhis from charring.

While the two masseurs foment, standing on either side of the droni, an attendant supplies them with warmed Kizhis and warms up the used ones.  Four Kizhis must be kept ready for use at all times. It is important that the Kizhis retain a constant temperature, tolerable to the patient, throughout the treatment.

After fomentation, the patients body is wiped clean with a towel. This is followed by a short period of rest and then a bath. Application of oil on the body and head is recommended before bathing.  Podikkizhi is good for ailments or health problems due to vitiated Vata and Kapha Doshas.