Abhyanga means oil massage. While a person may perform Abhyanga on his own as part of his daily routine for health, trained masseurs are required to perform this therapy when it is used for disease management in ayurveda or Panchakarma. In Abhyanga, medicated oil is massaged all over the body. The Abhyanga that is part of the daily routine lasts for five to fifteen minutes. But when it is performed for treating diseases it may take about 45 minutes.

Massages in Abhyanga can be effectively done with two therapists working on either side of the patient who lies on the Droni. The Droni is a wooden bed on which the patient is made to lie while undergoing Ayurvedic treatment. Special care is to be taken for Padabhyanga or foot massage. The Marmas or nerve nodal points on the soles of the feet are closely related to certain internal organs. The sole of the right foot is massaged with clockwise movement and the left foot with anti-clockwise strokes.

The patient reclines in seven standard positions. This begins with the person seated in an upright position, supine or flat on the back, turning to the right side, supine again, turning to the left side, supine once again, and finally sitting as in the beginning. Sometimes the position of lying face down is also adopted.