In Snehapana, a prerequisite in Panchakarma, Tikta Ghruta or ghee infused with herbs is orally administered to the patient for a specific period. This ghee is made from clarified butter (obtained from cows milk) from which the protein content has been removed. It is then boiled with various herbs. Snehapana is done in the morning after attending to the calls of nature, on an empty stomach. The health, age, Dosha condition and digestive capacity of the patient need to be taken into consideration when determining the dosage.  The treatment lasts between five and seven days depending on the condition of the patient and the illness being treated.

The dose for the last day has been specifically stated in the classical texts. The dose and the time taken for digestion of the Ghruta are interrelated.

According to Vagbhata, the ancient Ayurvedic scholar and author of Ashtanga Hrudaya, Hrasva Matra Brumhana, which takes two Yamas (one Yama is three hours) for digestion, Madhyama Matra Shamana, which takes four Yamas and lastly Uttama Matra Shodhana which takes eight Yamas, are the three kinds of dosages.

Patient being administered ghee infused with herbs.